Blockmaking Initiative Update

Published On:
June 27, 2018

Update June 2018

The Blockmaking Initiative commenced in 2018.

A proforma was agreed between the HSA and the ICF as a guide for Inspectors and for Block Manufacturers so that Inspections would be consistent.

Inspectors received training in January 2018 in Blockmaking operations

Two workshops were held in Athlone and Tipperary for ICF members on April 26th and May 3rd with in excess of 110 attendees

To date 14 inspections have been carried out and 2 prohibition Notices were issued at one location for serious safety breaches

Inspections have identified the following issues at one or more locations

  • Block making machine interlocks not operational, emergency stops were damaged. Block strapper bumper bar was removed. (2 x PN)
  • Switches and interlocks on a McGirr Blockmaker required to be repaired immediately and it was agreed that the machine not to be used until this is done.
  • Stacking strapper was in use and there was no Risk Assessment for it
  • Standard Operating Procedures should be referenced in Risk Assessments
  • The Operator was unsure of the safe working load accommodating load centre on grab/skip
  • Whip checks not in place or unsafe alternative used
  • 2 tamper head pins were on order for an older block making machine following workshop, non-proprietary pins had been in use
  • Tamper head bars not proprietary,
  • Ladder access to be addressed.
  • two keys in use on block maker, one for engine and other for interlocks which were bolted together advised that something more permanent needs to be put in place

At some locations there appears to have been few if any compliance issues and training was delivered or planned for operatives.

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