Quarry work involves a number of hazards and risks; by identifying these risks, it allows mitigation measures to be put in place to ensure all round safety at work.

The industry works closely with the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) to continuously improve the health and safety measures and outcomes; for example, HSA site Inspections, Quarry Safety Week and regular mandatory training for all employees.

Quarries and the Environment

The quarrying industry by nature is resource-based and results in the removal of rock and soil. By recognising the implications of this, the industry is able to take the necessary steps to ensure that environmental impacts are minimal.

Under planning legislation, Environmental Management Systems (EMS) are in place in each site and monitored by the relevant Local Authority.

The aim of these EMS are to:

  • Mitigate against environmental impacts;
  • Raise awareness among management and staff;
  • Provide continuous reporting and testing;
  • Open communication between Local Authorities and other governing bodies;
  • Provide management reviews to strive towards continuous improvement; and
  • Promote sustainability.

Internal and external testing or monitoring is the norm across the industry, with standard testing for water, dust and noise.

Some quarries have taken the lead in Environmental Management and received the ISO 140001 Certificate Standard.