Keeping and Provision of Adequate Blasting Records

Published On:
February 26, 2019


To Blasting Contractors/Shotfirers                                                                           15thof February 2019


Re: Keeping and Provision of Adequate Blasting Records


At a recent meeting of the Authority’s Quarry Inspectors Group, Inspectors discussed their concerns regarding the availability and accuracy of the blasting records held by Quarry Operators.

Principally this concerned the information held regarding the loading of each shothole that was loaded in the blast. In some cases only the total amount of explosives used in all of the holes was available and in others the original loading sheet (handwritten on the day) was not available and instead only a typed version created some time after the blast was available.

The original loading sheet (or a photocopy thereof) should be left with the Quarry Operator/Manager on the day of the blast containing the details of the charge placed in each hole, decking, stemming, etc. and the total amount of explosives used in the blast.

When Authority Inspectors carry out inspections and review blasts that have taken place, we intend to raise this specific issue with Quarry Operators and take appropriate enforcement action where records are not considered accurate. We also intend to advise the Irish Concrete Federation and the Irish Mining Quarrying Society of our intentions.

We are sending similar letters to all explosives/shotfiring service providers that we are aware of, that are operating in the Republic of Ireland, and we ask you bring the contents of this communication to the attention of your Shotfirers/Explosive Supervisors


Jim Holmes   

Email: [email protected]


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