Ireland Loses Lead position in World Investment Rankings for Minerals

Published On:
April 23, 2019

Ireland Loses Lead position in World Investment Rankings for Minerals.

This year’s Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies shows that Ireland has suffered a significant drop in ranking from 4th to 19th for Investment Attractiveness. The loss in ranking for Policy Perception is less marked, moving from 1st – a position held for four consecutive years – to 4th now.

The change in rankings is largely due to the difficulties experienced in 2018 with permitting of exploration drilling sites caused by delayed adaption of EU environmental directives. Legislative arrangements were introduced in late 2018 to remedy the situation but these were not in place at the time of the Survey.

IMQS continues to promote Ireland as one of the world’s best destinations for investment in mineral exploration and mining, with  well-defined fiscal and regulatory systems, attractive geology and a well-developed supply chain of services to the sector both local and internationally.


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